Saturday, December 11, 2004

December 11th, 2004 - Saturday

saturday morning..........what am I doing blogging when I, the perpetual procrastinator, should be Christmas shopping! I'll tell myself what, I am bored with my everyday life. I am in such a rut!!!! I am hoping to find myself by blogging. Hopefully I will stick to this and not deviate from my ramblings in a couple of days. I love my job, but I really need to start looking for a job closer to home. I drive almost an hour and a ½ a day one way (bbbbooooo!) Sure doesn't give much time for a real life. Short history of myself to reflect on: female, electronics technician, two beautiful boys, hillbilly husband, 1 son's girlfriend living here, 1 son's best friend living here, throw in a dog a couple of reptiles, and there you have it! FULL HOUSE! hahaha. Brother, isn't that the truth. Every one is working today but me and the son's girlfriend. I'll call her Flower, because she is as pretty as a flower. Flower is presently sleeping. Today I will end up doing laundry, cleaning, wrapping presents, and shopping. It's pretty much the norm for me on weekends. I am supposed to call a friend at work to go shopping me with me. We will call her Rose, since we are on a flower kick here. She is a lesbian, living with a partner of four years. She want's to have an affair, so to speak, with me but I told her no. I like her as a friend, she is a nice girl. I don't know why she wants me though. I am heterosexual and have always been, but that's not the reasoning I gave her. I told her that I just won't cheat on the hillbilly hubby. Let's call him Jethro because one of my first online friends used to call him that. More later today maybe, I have to do something productive today!